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I love the new year, so full of hope, so full of promise. On New Year’s Day I hiked to the top of a local mountain with a friend and enjoyed a three county view. It was amazing!  The climb up was arduous.  One review called it “the StairMaster” which turned out to be horrifyingly accurate. My hiking buddy and I do okay — and there were people passing us like we were standing still.  Seriously!? Every quarter mile or so, we stopped, huffing and puffing, saying “We can do this. We’ve come so far.”  Legs cramping, lungs screaming, we finally made it to the top and drank in a three-county view. “Wowee!” we shouted. “We did it!”  

So, how is hiking is like fundraising? It’s like this:

  1. You plan, you prepare, you make a map.
  2. Consult park rangers, other travelers, experts in the field as you go to make sure you’re on-track.
  3. Plan the work. You put one foot in front of the other and lock on to your goal with single-minded determination.
  4. Sometimes the going will get tough. When it does, make sure you’re with someone who will encourage you to do your best.
  5. Do what it takes to make it to the pinnacle, even if that means resting periodically and yes, feeling just the tiniest bit sorry for yourself for half a minute before pushing on.
  6. Reach the top. Achieve the goal. Celebrate your bad-ass self. 

For about five days after my recent new year’s day hike, I hobbled around like a little gnome on my crooked little legs and popped Tylenol like breath mints. Still, I felt pretty accomplished. When I got back to the office, I reviewed the last four weeks of 2014 with a sense of pride, enjoyed the view. Then I turned turned a page and started making a new plan for 2015. It’s going to be amazing! I look forward to a year full of promise, hope, and just the right amount of hard work to get me to the top.

So that’s my plan. What’s yours?

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