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water me

We are happy to share a funding opportunity from Nestle for innovative, creative programs for nutrition, water, or rural development. Do you have a program that needs support? Submit your application before February 28, 2015, and win up to CHF 500,000! Get more information here.       Advertisements

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pass the sugar

Would you like coffee with that beignet? I just came from lunch with one of my favorite board members. She is an amazing woman who, while in her “wisdom years” is a pistol and meetings with her are always a treat. She is a legend in her own right and every time I see her, I can’t help but wonder what she was like, oh say 40 years ago. I […]

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fundraising stamina

  For the past year, a friend and I have scheduled a 6-10 mile hike once per month, using our little strolls to explore the beauty and bounty of the greater Bay Area. So far, we haven’t come close to running out of options. This hiking business is kind of amazing to me because I am not what you would call a natural athlete. I’m not generally the one to choose […]

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everybody just jump!

  I’m reading (actually listening to) an amazing book by Gay Hendricks, called The Big Leap. I’m on my third listen –so okay, I get distracted –but anyway, I am loving this book!  The premise is that we all have an “upper limit” that we have either imposed upon ourselves or inherited from someone bigger and more strident. Mostly, upper limits keep us from achieving our goals and living life LARGE.   […]

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call me

  Planning is good. Planning gives you perspective. Sometimes though, all the planning in the world cannot replace simply picking up the phone and making a well placed call. I used to be afraid of making “cold calls” but then I came to love them, mostly because the majority of people are terrified to making a phone call to a near-stranger, so I figure I’m already ahead of 99% of my competition […]

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giving and winning

  We are embarking on a capital campaign and I have officially hit the fundraising fast-track.  We are studying our donor base in minutiae. I am amazed a the process — which is beginning to look something like a high-stakes chess game.  A capital campaign can seem daunting at first — especially if you’ve never experienced one from the start. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately for me, we’ve placed ourselves […]

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